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When you need to seek out legal advice, you want to have attorneys who will provide you with comprehensive information and take your concerns seriously. Knowing all your legal options during any legal proceeding helps you to determine what path you should take and what results to expect. The law firm of Russo & Pedranghelu has assisted residents of New York and Long Island since 1976, making them experts in legal matters and more than capable of handling your case. During that time Russo &Pedranghelu have assisted thousands of clients to gain positive outcomes for their cases, allowing them to get back to their lives.

Criminal charges can become very serious and often lead to your future looking rather bleak. With Russo &Pedranghelu by your side you will have a much better chance of having charges reduced or dropped based upon evidence that is presented. Why would you want to try and argue a criminal case on your own? When your life and livelihood are on the line, you want the best law firm you can find to help you and represent you regarding the charges against you. The best choice in the Long Island area is the law firm of Russo & Pedranghelu.

The criminal division handles cases that have to do with domestic violence, drugs, DWI, white collar crimes, traffic violations, sex crimes, assault and battery, burglary, theft, robbery and vehicular homicide. As you can plainly see, the list of criminal charges that could be levied against you in which Russo & Pedranghelu have years of experience handling and helping clients gain the most positive outcome possible. Being charged with a crime that falls into any of the above categories can create havoc on your home life and your work life making it difficult for you to think about anything else, especially with the thought of jail time looming overhead.

These various crimes can be categorized as crimes of passion, crimes of need, and crimes of negligence and will cause a great deal of undue hardship for you and your family when the time comes for you to head to trial. Due to the severity of possible punishments and seriousness of the crimes themselves, its becomes extremely important for you to retain the services of a law firm who has many years of experience and a great track record for bringing about positive results. This is why you should choose the legal team of Russo & Pedranghelu to take care of all your legal needs for you.

When you are facing the possibility of time in prison along with the seriousness of many of the crimes listed, you don’t really want to have a public defender handle your case for you, what you need is a law firm that has developed a stellar reputation for many years and helped clients resolve the matter with as little punishment as possible. The law firm to handle such cases on Long Island and throughout New York City is Russo & Pedranghelu.

As a team of lawyers and support staff, Russo &Pedranghelu have many on the team who have held prominent positions in the local legal community. This can work to your advantage as they have knowledge of many of the judges and prosecuting lawyers that may aid in the reduction of sentences, reduction of charges or dropping a case altogether based upon evidence presented. As residents of Long Island, the team of lawyers at Russo &Pedranghelu makes every effort to help their fellow neighbors and citizens of the area to bring about the most positive conclusions possible when charged with a crime.

Many firms may offer the ability to assist those who speak Spanish, but at Russo &Pedranghelu, our legal team can offer advice and assistance in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Greek. As an area that still holds roots for many families to their home countries, this gives residents of New York City and the Long Island area the opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns in their native language without being hampered by language barriers that are met nearly every day.

Consultations with the law firm of Russo &Pedranghelu are free, giving us an opportunity to understand your case and giving you the chance to decide if you are comfortable with our ability to assist you. We are available 24 hours a day to be completely at your service whenever the need arises. Having criminal charges levied against you is a frightening, worrisome and difficult situation to deal with, making life hard to live for you and your family. At Russo & Pedranghelu we ensure you are able to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

When you need a criminal defense attorney you want the best by your side to help you gain the most positive result possible. In Long Island and New York City that means partnering with Russo & Pedranghelu to take care of all your legal needs; assisting you to gain a positive outcome. Contact us today to receive more information or to schedule a free consultation with a highly trained and experienced lawyer who may be able to assist you with any criminal matters you may have.



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